Volunteer Speak

Soumali completed her B-Tech from West Bengal University of Technology in 2007. After which she came to Bangalore and started working with LG-CNS. Where her friend Ankur, an active volunteer of AF introduced her to Aashayein foundation. Since then she is with AF and has been integral part of various AF programs and events mainly BMKS program. She is currently working with Mindtree Ltd as a Software Engineer.

She had participated in BMKS mentorship program last year. This year she has been an integral part of BMKS survey, test and interviewing the kids and parents. She has shown a lot of commitment in volunteering which motivates others too. Her hobbies include singing, listening to music, reading, travelling, and sketching.
Puneet is engaged in the volunteer relations program of the Aashayein Foundation.He has been associated with the Aashayein Foundation since the past 6 months. He is the person responsible for the communicaton activities of the AF and mails from the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. mail id. As the first point of contact for new volunteers, Puneet helps the volunteers feel comfortable with the rest of the AF foundation and also strives to keep them interested in AF activities while simultaneously encouraging them to come forth with new ideas that can be implemented through Aashayein. His interests include meeting new people, engaging proactively in fitness, sports, music and movies. He is also very committed and passionate about his responsibilities in the AF.
Somaiah M P
Aashayein foundation completed four years after it got formally registered on 19th may 2007. On this special occasion, we have chosen to interview a volunteer who can give us insight about the future of Aashayein foundation. Please welcome Somaiah M P for this week's Volunteer Speak.

Somaiah M P, is a engineering graduate from JSSATE . He is one among the Aashayein foundation founders who started Aashayein in 2007 along with his friends. Currently he is working with Cisco Systems as a Hardware Engineer. He likes reading books, listening to music and travelling.
Somaiah has been with Aashayein focusing more on making Volunteer base strong. His vision is to take Aashayein activities to many more cities of India. Aashayein Foundation's Interview with Somaiah.
Sandeep Varma
Sandeep is engaged with the SA program in Marathalli. He is a graduate of NLSIU and has been a corporate lawyer for close to a decade. He is currently endeavoring to proactively engage with his dreams, one of which is to practice teaching as an art by stimulating one's creativity, rather than as a science alone. He is passionate about and around children, into whose minds he seeks to imbibe and nurture Respect and Creativity.

His interests include reading across a variety of non-fictional topics, fitness, sports, music and travel. Sandeep has been associated with Aashayein Foundation for 2.5 years and currently handles School Head responsibilities. He consistently demonstrates leadership qualities and a very high level of commitment in strengthening teaching activities at Marathalli.
Shah Azeem
ShahAzeem D Choudhari, currently studying Information Science from Visveswaraya college of Engineering,Bangalore University. He is one of the student volunteer working with the Aashayein Foundation. He came to know about the Aashayein through Internet as he was interested in working for NGO's which provided Education for children.

ShahAzeem is with Aashayein from since four months. He is one of the volunteer of this year summer camp. He is looking forward to taking English classes in Al-Amen School in the next year. His commitment shown in the Summer camp inspired many more other volunteers. He is a very good painter and enjoys painting for kids also. His other hobbies include reading novels,Spending time with kids,Playing football etc.
Sharath is a relatively new face in the Aashayein Foundation. He joined Aashayein in January 2011. In his small tenure so far at Aashayein he has shown immense commitment and dedication in Aashayein activities. He is involved in Shikshana Abhiyana, Sunday Breakfast serving, BMKS surveys and the summer camp

By profession Sharath is an ASIC Design Engineer working with LSI India. He has completed his B.E. in Electronics and Communication from PESIT, Bangalore in 2006. His interests include financial and business economics and he is passionate about new trends in semiconductor technologies.

Sharath played a very important role in the success of BMKS surveys and summer camp. Currently he is involved in organizing summer camp in Al-Ameen School, Shivaji Nagar.
Ashish Batra is very passionate about the work which he is doing with Aashayein foundation. He is with Aashayein Foundation from almost 4 years. Contributed in various projects including BMKS, Sunday breakfast Serving, PA, Summer camp and Shikshina Abhiyana. Currently he is serving as school head for Govt. School in Dairy Colony. Also he is looking after Aashayein Website.

By Profession a Hardware Engineer working with Robert Bosch, Ashish loves spending time with Kids and teach them something new everytime. He did his Engineering in ECE from CITM Faridabad. Coming from Punjabi family, Ashish is having undying love for Parantha's and Paneer. Ashish's loves writing Hindi poetry and listening to music.
Pallavi, an Instrumentation Engineer from R V College of Engineering. She is currently working with Schneider Electric as Automation Engineer. She came to know about Aashayein through one of her friend and colleague Ankit. She is with Aashayein since them and has been integral part from the past 2 years

She was keenly interested in teaching English to the kids and bringing them on par to the private school educated children. She started realizing this dream by teaching English to the 3rd standard at SVK school. With this experience and effort she put her entire efforts in improvising the syllabus and changing the structure of the school teaching volunteer staff. She took the role of School Leader and implemented a class wise hierarchy of the volunteers for better teaching by the AF volunteers. Her dedication and commitment inspired many more other volunteers and we now have a big family working towards fulfilling this dream. She is also actively involved in organizing committee of UDAY 2010. She being a trained dancer enjoys teaching dance to kids during the AF annual events.
Apoorva teaches English grammar and Communication skills to 3rd standard students at SG Palya School. She is an Engineering graduate in Computer science from AMC college. She is presently working as a Software Engineer with Ness Technologies . She loves reading books. Her other hobbies includes Glass Painting, Dancing and Listening Music.

Apoorva has been with Aashayein since the past 2 years. She started her involvement in aashayein by teaching in SVK school and then actively participated in Shikshana Abhiyana, Summer camp, was also part in one BMKS Survey. She was also school head for SVK school from June 2010 to Nov 2010.
Deepashree teaches English grammar and Communication skills to 1st, 2nd & 3rd standard students at SG Palya School. She is an Engineering graduate in Bio Technology from New Horizon. She started her career as an Executive - Recruiter. Currently she is involved in HR Operations. Her hobbies includes reading books and dancing.

Deepashree has been with Aashayein since the past 3.6 years and has participated in projects like Shikshana Abhiyana and Sunday Breakfast Serving
Vijay, who came to Bangalore in October 2010, is a relatively new face in the Aashayein Foundation. You can see him with his friends Sandeep and Shital in most of Aashayein breakfast serving events. He has shown commitment and willingness to take responsibilities in Aashayein. He has also shown interest in other Aashayein projects.

Vijay has been with Aashayein since the past three and a half months and been part of Uday and Kaamanabillu apart from regular breakfast serving activities
Sunil Devda do not need much introduction here, as most of us already have met him in person or interacted with him one or another time. He is one among the few Engineering graduates who started Aashayein in 2007 along with his friends. He did his Engineering in Electronics & Communication from JSS Engg. College. He is working with Bosch India. His hobbies include listening to music, watching moving, hanging out with friends.

Sunil has been with Aashayein since its beginning and he has demonstrated a very high level of commitment. He is one of the trustees and heading Aashayein Foundation, Bangalore Chapter
Sumedha Venkatesh
Sumedha Venkatesh teaches English grammar and Communication skills to 7th standard students at Govt. primary School, Dairy Colony. She's an Engineering graduate in Electronics & Communication from Bangalore Institute of Technology (BIT) and has also completed her MBA in 2009. She started her career with a start-up firm named Strata Retail and Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. Currently she is working with Hewlett Packard (HP) Enterprise Business. Her hobbies include listening to music, hanging out with friends, some amount of craft work including embroidery.

Sumedha has been with Aashayein from the past three years and she has demonstrated regularity and a very high level of commitment in activities at Govt. primary School, Dairy Colony. She has been instrumental in the success of SA activities in Dairy circle school.
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