Pustaka Abhiyana


Pustaka Abhiyana is about ensuring that each and every school is equipped well to provide an effective learning environment to the children.


  • Identify kids/schools who do not have access to basic infrastructure. 
  • Improve the condition of the schools by prioritizing their needs 
  • Act as a supporting structure for the schools and address their infrastructure needs 
  • Work towards ensuring the availability of all the required facilities in schools 

Present Situation

Most often, even though children have access to schools, the schools are not in a state that can provide a good atmosphere to the kids to learn and excel. It is the lack of a good environment that hampers the effectiveness of the system of schooling. We believe that a substantial increase in the effectiveness is possible, if the school is well equipped with adequate infrastructure. The required infrastructure may range from books, bags, pencils, uniforms, to classrooms, benches, sport equipments, drinking water, sanitation facilities and so on.     

 What we don't want to happen

 What we intend to do

As the saying goes writing once is equivalent to reading ten times. If these children do not have notebook and pencil to note down what is taught by their teacher, they loose interest in class, start chit chatting with friends beside and gradually loose interest in studies.

 Through this project, we plan to provide note books to underprivileged children on a regular basis. The Government of India is striving hard to provide education to all, in every corner of the country and through Pustaka Abhiyana we attempt to support our government in their effort. We intend to make this a continuous process where we can provide books as and when the students have exhausted their supply.

Work done so far

We have distributed over 10000 books till date. All these books were given to children in government schools including rural areas of Bangalore, Kolar, Hassan and Tirchy. Through Pustaka Abhiyana, Aashayein Foundation has reached out to children from various backgrounds who are in real need of basic writing material, thus making sure, an opportunity to learn is not lost out merely due to lack of stationery. We look forward to continue this effort in the future too by having numerous book distribution drives across states.

How you can help?

As a part of this initiative, we present to you an opportunity to volunteer your service under the 'Gift Your Village' programme. We urge people to contribute by just sending in names of areas, possible schools or locations where this facility would be needed most. We also appreciate any volunteers who would want to setup distribution centers near their home, work or native. It would also be great if you can sponsor or find sponsors for this project.

The survey forms can be downloaded here

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